“Honor killings” are now occurring in Britain

Folks, British police are beginning to examine 117 murders to see how many are actually “honor killings.” We already know that honor to a Muslim is more important than someone else’s life. Muslims don’t kill themselves when they are dishonored, they kill other people. They would rather slit their daughter’s throat if she had a late period or was caught talking to a non-Muslim boy. That’s why they would disfigure their wife’s face if she was caught talking to another man. That’s why they’d kill their sister if she “blasphemed the prophet.”

In a related story, according to Minnesota based psychoanalyst and Arabist, Dr. Nancy Kobrin, “the Israeli Jew may actually function as substitutes or scapegoats for an even more primal, hated/loved enemy: Woman.”

In a documentary, called “Crimes of Honour”, in parts of the Islamic world, hundreds of women are shot, stabbed, strangled or burned to death by male relatives because they are thought to have “dishonoured” their families by engaging in unacceptable relationships.

For more information, check out a film made in Jordan and the West Bank, called “Crimes of Honour“, which documents the terrible reality of femicide-the killing of sisters or daughters who may have lost their virginity, refused an arranged marriage or left an abusive husband. Interviews are held with women in hiding from their families, as well as a man who describes his reasons for killing the sister he loved. Also profiled are the handful of women who have committed themselves to human rights and the very personal and immediate protection of young women in danger.

Please rent or purchase Crimes of Honour; it’s a chilling documentary about the religion of peace and tolerance.

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