Hizbullah: We Can Strike at Every Part of Israel

More Muslim hubris, arrogance, and supremacy. From Hizbullah: We Can Strike at Every Part of Israel:

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah told Al-Jazeera Sunday that his organization is able to strike at every part of Israel, and had the same capability during the Second Lebanon War last summer.

From IDF Says Hizbullah Hiding Rockets from UN Forces:

Since its reinforced deployment last August, UNIFIL has carried out extensive searches in more than 90% of southern Lebanon’s open areas, where UN patrols have found and destroyed Hizbullah arms, including Katyusha launchers, Katyusha rockets and explosives. As an alternative, Hizbullah is trying to transfer significant numbers of its short-range Katyusha rockets into built-up areas, mostly in the dozens of Shi’ite villages south of the Litani, to hide them from UNIFIL.

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