Hizbullah Wards Off UNIFIL in South Lebanon

The mainstream Israel-bashing media didn’t report the following story, giving Muslims a free pass once again. However Americans like me have the responsibility to point out that societies built on Islamic values are not “just like us”, and they do not have the same goals as us. We can’t expect the media which bashes Israel, Christianity, and supports partial-birth abortions to take concepts such as Israel’s right to self-determination, Israel’s right to defend herself, concepts such as democracy that are borne out of Judeo-Christian values of equality of all men before their G-d and report them truthfully. The media doesn’t understand that one can’t simply graft a moral value system onto another culture where it never before existed. This story should have been reported not only for Hezbollah’s intimidation of UNIFIL but also to demonstrate the United Nations’ utter failure as an institution. From Hizbullah Wards Off UNIFIL in South Lebanon:

Armed Hizbullah militants warded off members of UNIFIL last month when the peacekeepers discovered a truck carrying weapons and ammunition. On March 30, UNIFIL troops on patrol discovered the truck, chased it down and pulled it over. When the troops approached the vehicle, armed Hizbullah men exited the truck and threatened the troops at gunpoint. The UNIFIL patrol then returned to their base. The incident, referred to in a semi-yearly report submitted to the UN Security Council by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, was not reported in the media at the time.