Hizbullah leader: ‘Israel must cede more land’

Folks, how many articles documenting the Pan-Arab curriculum to purge Jews and Christians from the Middle East do I have to quote from in order for you to comprehend the depth, the girth, and the breadth of Arab hatred for anything non-Arab?

Seven Arab villages currently in northern Israel belong to Lebanon and should be ceded, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in an election rally in Lebanon Thursday. Nasrallah’s demands regarding the villages have been voiced before and mark the latest attempt to deflect growing calls for the Hizbullah to disarm, Arab affairs expert Eyal Zisser told Ynet in response to the report. “Nasrallah mentioned this several times in the past, including prior to the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon,” he said. “It should be viewed as a tactic in an attempt to… avoid disarmament.”

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