Hizbullah Buys Frontier Land to Attack Israel

Why is it when Muslims thugs buy tracts of land from Christians, it’s legal, but when Jews buy land from Arabs, it’s called “occupation”? From Hizbullah Buys Frontier Land to Attack Israel:

Hizbullah is buying up large tracts of land owned by Christians and other non-Shias in southern Lebanon as the militant group rebuilds its defenses in preparation for a new war with Israel. The forested wadis, or valleys, north of the Litani River make ideal terrain for Hizbullah’s brand of guerrilla warfare and, just 10 miles from the border, are within rocket range of Israeli cities. “Christians and Druze are selling land and moving out, while the Shia are moving in. There is an extraordinary demographic shift taking place,” said Edmund Rizk, a former Christian MP for the area. Wealthy Shia businessman Ali Tajeddine, who made his fortune trading diamonds in Sierra Leone, is said to be using Iranian funds to buy land from destitute villagers at up to four times the going rate.

Critics fear a grand scheme to create a strip of Shia-controlled land connecting southern Lebanon to Hizbullah’s other power center in the Bekaa Valley. “It is part of Hizbullah’s plan to create a state within a state,” said Walid Jumblatt, a Druze leader. He also pointed to the four-lane road being built to connect the Hizbullah stronghold of Nabatiye in the south to the western Bekaa. Banners openly proclaim the source of the road’s funding: “510 km of new roads paid for by the Iranian Organization for Sharing in the Building of Lebanon.”

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