Hizbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah is a liar

Hassan Nasrallah has explained his current aggression is to reclaim Lebanese territory, the Shebaa Farms.

This has nothing to do with Lebanon. He also speaks about getting the release of Lebanese prisoners in Israel. The main prisoner – it is not clear how many others there are – is Samir al-Kuntar. In 1979 he was sentenced to 542 years imprisonment: he came by boat from Lebanon, got to Nahariya, shot dead Danny Haran in his house, his four-year-old daughter and a policeman. Mrs Haran hid, and accidentally smothered her baby in keeping her from crying.

The Kuntar website, www.samirkuntar.org/english.html, by the way, does not mention these terrible details.

Hizbullah’s Hassan Nasrallah is a liar.

What he really wants is to destroy Israel. In a speech in May he boasted that he had 12,000 rockets – even 13,000 – to attack Israel. He mentioned Tel Aviv in particular.

Thus far, more than 2,000 rockets have been fired at Israel, indiscriminately.

The lesson learned? Nasrallah mistakenly believes that the blood of a murderer is worth more than the blood of two Israeli soldiers.

He was wrong.

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