Hizballah Leaders Must Be Tried for War Crimes

From Hizballah Leaders Must Be Tried for War Crimes:
We have not yet heard the claim by Israel and other Western countries that, after an end to hostilities, Hizballah leaders must be called to account for war crimes committed against Israel. Hizballah has been intentionally firing missiles at Israel’s civilian population. Missiles aimed at civilians meet the definition of war crime or a crime against humanity as defined by the 1949 Geneva Convention, as well as the International Criminal Court at The Hague that was established in 2000.

I would have expected Israel and its allies to demand that the UN Security Council use its authority to instruct the International Criminal Court to investigate the responsibility of Hizballah leaders, with an eye on bringing them to trial, as was done to those responsible for attacks on civilians in Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

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