Hizballah Executes 18 Lebanese

Curious how everyone is so silent when Muslims commit hate crimes. I haven’t read or heard a peep about this news item from David Pryce Jones:

A German news agency has reported that Hizballah men have executed 18 Lebanese accused of spying for Israel. Lebanon has a judicial process, but it was not involved. Hizballah alone directed and carried out the process of putting these 18 to death. I have no idea if any of them were spies for Israel, but it seems most unlikely. Eighteen? All caught at work in the short time-frame of the fighting? And how come Hizballah is allowed to take what here is laughably called the law into its own hands? My suspicion is that the 18 merely expressed what many, even most, Lebanese think but dare not say, that Hizballah has brought calamity down on the country, and is likely to make matters even worse in the future.

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