Hillary Clinton is a cunning, disreputable, and disrespectful shrew

The post-menopausal menace, who wants to be president, shows her lack of respect for the Office of Presidency of the United States. From AP:

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Sunday blasted Hillary Rodham Clinton for talking about what she would do on the diplomatic front between her possible election and inauguration.

Clinton has told crowds she would send “distinguished Americans of both political parties to travel around the world on my behalf with a very simple message to the governments and the people alike: The era of cowboy diplomacy is over.”

Giuliani, pointing to a story in Sunday’s Des Moines Register about her statements, said such comments hurt the United States and undermine the balance of President Bush’s term, which ends Jan. 20, 2009.

“I think that it’s important that we conduct this debate in a way that we don’t interfere with the ability of the country to function in a proper way, between the now and (the election),” Giuliani said at the start of a town hall-style meeting in Peterborough.

Campaigning with his wife, Judith, the former New York mayor said Clinton should retract the statements and respect Bush’s responsibility.

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