Hezbollah’s Heartland

Via Ministry of Foreign Affairs which quotes Hezbollah’s Heartland – Canada National Post, Aug ‎‏5‏‎, ‎‏2006‏‎:

The surgeon led a group of journalists over what remained [of his hospital in Tyre]: ‎mangled debris, shredded walls and a roof punched through by an Israeli shell. “Look ‎what they did to this place,” Dr. Fouad Fatah said, shaking his head. “Why in the world ‎would the Israelis target a hospital?” The probable answer was found a few hours later in ‎a field nearby. Hidden in the tall grass were the burned remnants of a rocket-launcher. ‎Confronted with the evidence, Dr. Fatah admitted his hospital could have been used as a ‎site from which to fire rockets into Israel. “What choice do we have? We need to fight ‎back from somewhere,” he said.

Dirty lying bastards.

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