Hezbollah defeated ‘gay’ Israeli soldiers

Via WND:

Israel’s military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon was a “failure” and demonstrated to Palestinian groups the Jewish state is weak and can ultimately be defeated, a senior terror leader here told WorldNetDaily in an interview.

The leader, Abu Oudai, chief rocket coordinator for the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank, said Hezbollah’s “tremendous victory” has emboldened his group and other Palestinian terror organizations to immediately coordinate violence against Israel and to focus their “resistance” on rocket attacks.

“I think the most important achievement this war in Lebanon demonstrated is that Israel – with all its power, its air force, its tanks, its navy and its unlimited budget – can be defeated,” said Abu Oudai.

“If we do [what Hezbollah accomplished], this Israeli army full of gay soldiers and full of corruption and with old-fashioned war methods can be defeated also in Palestine.”

Speaking of corruption and not accomplishing a thing, here’s a video of the actual man who killed “Palestine” before it was ever born.

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