Here’s the facts

Here’s the facts, and I’m going to state them over and over again from now until the end of days.

Who are the Palestinians? Palestinians are Arabs. They have no historical, national or cultural identity distinct from other Arabs of the region. Most of them came into the region, the Palestine Mandate, in search of economic opportunities after World War 1 when the British and the Jews began to build up a land that was moribund.

What is Palestine? When the Romans conquered Judea, they renamed it Palestine. Since then, no occupying power ever made it an independent state or established a capital in Jerusalem. Under the Ottoman Empire, it was part of the province of Syria.

After World War I, the area was mandated to Britain to establish a Jewish national home. Instead, in 1922, Britain split off 75% of Palestine to establish the Emirate of Transjordan, as a throne for the Arabian Hashemite family.

The UN decided to split the rest of Palestine between Jews and Arabs. In 1948, five Arab armies attacked the newborn State of Israel. Transjordan annexed the area intended for an Arab state, and renamed itself the Kingdom of Jordan, calling the annexed area the West Bank.

That’s how the “West Bank” got its name.

Egypt took over Gaza.

No Arab ever suggested making the West Bank and/or Gaza into yet another Arab state until 1967, when Israel was again attacked by the Arabs and took these areas.

There is no “Palestinian land.” It is only the constant repetition that makes people believe that the “West Bank” belongs to the “Palestinians.” Judea/Samaria (the “West Bank”) is part of the Jewish homeland. Any land that Israel yields to the godless, rock-worshipping Arabs to establish some kind of autonomy will only be an act of generosity and accommodation unprecedented in world history.

Got it? Good. Now memorize these facts, and go teach others.

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