Help Stop Nadia Abu El Haj from getting tenure

Nadia Abu El Haj’s whole “thing” is that the ancient Israelites never existed. She also supported the destruction of Joseph’s Tomb. Received by email:

Another important and pressing issue at Columbia is the upcoming tenure decision for Barnard professor Nadia Abu El Haj – whose single manuscript is a corruption of honest fact in order to achieve her political agenda.

We are running a petition to prevent Nadia Abu El Haj from getting tenure. There is a lot of material on my site: www.paulasays. com explaining why she doesn’t deserve this honor and more on the petition site itself.

Please, please take two moments now – one to sign the petition and the other to forward this email to as many people as you can.

The petition is located here. We are at 1,047 signatures – our goal is at least 5,000.

Don’t forget – this is a minute of your time…but tenure lasts forever.

Paula R. Stern

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