Help Daniel Pinner and other Jewish Prisoners:

Last week Daniel Pinner a resident of Kfar Tapuach was arrested for allegedly shooting an Arab in Gush Katif last Shabbat, in response to Arab attacks on the residents of the Maoz Hayam neighborhood in the former Palm Beach Hotel. Pinner who is a licensed electrician was in Gush Katif helping to repair the wiring in the hotel so that all of the rooms could be connected to the power grid and new families could move in. Although he claimed to have acted in self defense and there are witnesses who have confirmed the fact that tens of Arabs were attacking Jews with axes, metal bars and stones, the Beer Sheva Magistrates court extended his remand by 9 additional days. Tomorrow at 10:30 AM there will be an appeal of his remand, which will hopefully send him home. Pinner like hundreds of other activists who find themselves in legal trouble are immediately taken care from the time of their arrest to the end of their trials by lawyers who work in conjunction with the Honenu organization. Honenu provides free legal services to anyone who is arrested in the struggle for a Jewish Israel and in the recent months has rapidly expanded its services to the thousands of Jews who have taken to the streets to fight for Eretz Yisrael.

In light of the recent increase in arrests and legal expenses, Honenu is desperately in need of funds to continue their work. As we get closer to the actual expulsion plan their work will become more and more important and expenses will skyrocket. Help ensure that people like Daniel Pinner have the best possible legal representation and that no Jew is forced to remain in jail because of his ideology or self sacrifice for Israel.

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