Heavy fighting yesterday and today, update on casualties

Received by email:
Prior to the ending of the fast, it was announced that a third soldier died of his wounds in the hospital.

The names of the civilians.

Shimon Zikri 44 and his daughter Mazel 15 were killed as they left their shelter to stand over looking the street. Shrapnel killed them. Albert ben Abu was killed when his car plowed into a tree in Acco from the blast and the Tamam brothers burnt to death when their car caught fire. Three Arabs boys out in the fields all 18 were killed even though they lay face down as the rocket exploded too close to them Shanati Shanati, Amir Nayim, and Machmud Fauor.

Nassrallah threated to bomb Tel Aviv if we hit Beirut and we threatened to put Lebanon back into the 1800’s if he did that.

The army and peace-now Defense Minister want to push further than the 4.5 mile limit all the way to the Litani to clean out the terrorists. The Cabinet will have to meet. Only Peretz, Aytan, and Ben Eliezer were for it the last time. This or the full cabinet.

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