Haveil Havalim #95 – Thanksgiving Edition

“Hinei ma tov uma na’im shevet achim gam yachad.”
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is to be united like brothers and sisters in one family and one community.” — Psalm 133:1

Folks, I am pleased to host this edition of Haveil Havalim, the weekly round up of posts from all over the JBlogosphere. There were lots of great submissions to choose from this week, resulting in a profound reflection of thought, opinion, rant, observation, religion, and talent. The JBlogosphere is a great community and I’m proud to part of it. Ok, let’s get started. For starters, what in the world is the J-Blogosphere? (As if you didn’t already know. ) But, if you didn’t already know, click here for more information.One of the earliest HH submissions that I received was from Bagelblogger, who I only recently discovered. Bagel Blogger’s funny Mr Bagel, a cartoon character, is the site’s mascot spokesperson. After doing many single frame cartoons, Mr Bagel breaks out and does his first cartoon strip. You might notice Bagelblogger’s new masthead too. Bagel has his fourth caption contest running, and pointed out, that despite what the Palestinians would have the world believe, Palestinian women are becoming more and more active in waging Jihad against the Israeli State. And their language? Their convoluted propganda talkspeak? Read about it here. AbbaGav writes about how he met his wife Sharon, in a post inspired by West Bank Mama, who according to AbbaGav, was inspired by Treppenwitz. If Ariel Sharon were to awake from his coma, what would he say about the State of Israel? Rafi translates from a Hebrew post and gives us some insight. He also writes about restarting his shechita learning, and about Arkadi Gaydamak, an Israeli billionaire. Bacon Eating Atheist Jew admits it; he was going to watch the OJ interview and would have turned the channel during the commercials, but since Murdoch has cancelled the tv program, none of us can watch. Thank goodness.

Ahhh, Banagor. One of my favorite bloggers, although he is neither Jewish nor Israeli, Banagor came out of a one month hiatus from blogging to write one of the most absolutely brilliant posts I’ve ever read, ever. Read Banagor’s brilliant Exasperation he has – and that I also share – with the Democrats and the Muslim world.

Anne, at Boker Tov, Boulder, posts an excerpt from the speech that Abba Eban gave at the Commonwealth Club in California on November 14, 1970. Anne writes that although the excerpt is no more than a blip in the “long and unending dialogue between the Jewish people and the rest of mankind,” she hopes it will strengthen us nonetheless. We need all the strengthening we can get.

Olah Chadasha points out the mythology that Palestinians don’t use or get used as human shields at Greetings From The French Hill. OC is also at a crossroad in a career decision. I wish him peace of mind.

Cosmic X points out how truly unrepresentative of the Jewish people are the self-elected representatives of the Jewish people, in a dissection of this article by Dr. Muli Peleg.

Sarah enjoys taking photos and presents Leaf Glow posted at her site ~ Sarah’s View ~.

Another blog that I had not heard of before, is Shifting the Paradigm, written by anonym00kie, who from the get-go, blogged that G-d believes in us more than we have so far learnt to believe in ourselves. Sometimes, despair makes us forget that.

Omri excels at puncturing mere rhetoric when he hears it, and this time, harpoons Reuters propaganda mouthpiece Nidal al-Mughrabi and raises the AP Bias Alert Level: Obvious (Grandma Suicide Bomber Edition).

Avromi, of daf notes, writes about the new ruling issued by the Tzitz Eliezer on smoking on Yom Tov.

Yid With Lid asks if Olmert is losing control of his govt? Um, yes, he is, Yid, and that’s a good thing because another government, a better one, must replace it. Maybe Israel’s citizenship is waking up. I also worry that Israel’s government is losing its focus on HaShem. Yid also demonstrates that France still manifests its Vichy disposition. As you might already know, Vichy France was established after France surrendered to Germany on June 22, 1940, and took its name from the government’s administrative centre in Vichy, southeast of Paris. While officially neutral in the war, Vichy actively collaborated with the Nazis, including their racial policies. Sometimes it seems that Israel’s UN ambassador Dan Gillerman is the only one in the government who owns a backbone.

Batya makes great points in I’ve been saying that. Batya asks “why do signs in Yad Veshem say that the Jews “perished” in Nazi Germany? They ignore the “m” word. Instead of hammering away with the true fact that man murdered man, the picture is of a natural disaster, like everyone perished in the flood except Noah and his family.” Excellent points, Batya.

Soccer Dad opens our eyes on how some people foolishly idolized James Baker, including Carla Anne Robbins, an editorial observer for the New York Slimez Times.Akiva at Mystical Paths writes about an eerie manifestation of the Rebbe at 770, and links to a video that a visiting chosid filmed with his cell phone on Thursday. Watch closely at seconds 9-12…Video in 770. ZionistYoungster writes that regardless that there are moderate Muslims, they are no more relevant to our situation than were Germans who saw Nazism as nothing more but a movement to heal German society internally. Yoni Tidi writes how the security fence has been breached around Jerusalem. Wake up, Olmert, wake the heck up.Avi at Tel Chai Nation warns about a subliminal message in a crossword puzzle that a Spanish teacher at Smithfield-Selma Senior High School handed out that some students and parents said teaches hate against Israel and America. Solomonia issues a “1930’s in color” alert, warning us of yet another anti-Amerian animated film on Iranian TV. The most submissions to HH #95 that I received were from Israel Matzav, also known as Carl In Jerusalem. In one post, Israel Matzav spears the detestable Louise Arbour, who earlier this week refused to meet with the families of kidnapped IDF soldiers Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, deciding that Israel is ‘more to blame‘ than Hezbullah for human rights violations during the war in Lebanon. Carl also submitted an article about Palestinian Human Shields he found on American Thinker. And in another, Israel Matzav describes the twisted thought process behind Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah’s statement that Israel’s ‘security fence’ is a significant obstacle to the ‘Palestinian resistance.’ Shyeah, according to that line of thinking, I suppose killing Jews is no obstacle to getting approval from Allah. And in yet another post, Harvard Professor and lawyer Alan Dershowitz did what needed to be done to Dhimmi Carter’s new book in a New York Sun review yesterday: Israel Matzav tells us he tore it to shreds for being the one-sided piece of garbage that it is. And in a flying pig moment, Israel Matzav tells us Human Rights Watch has come out against the use of ‘Palestinian’ civilians as human shields for their terrorist leaders. Elisson writes movingly about a Bar Mitzvah boy who lost his beloved mother to cancer two months later.Jewish Blogmeister tells us about the escalation of a discussion regarding modesty of women’s clothing within the Haredi Yeshiva world.And guess what? Israel Perspectives is back and writes that true Jewish multi-culturalism begins at home, with the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.WestBankMama celebrates her one year blogiversary with her own roundup of “only in Israel” stories. Happy Blogiversary!I wish the leaders of Israel would have some clarity and resolve like Patrick. Patrick dilineates for us the failure of Olmert’s government in Israeli Ghost Towns.Daniel Pipes questions the future of Kadima, an incoherent party now headed by an incoherent coalition, which Pipes believes, will ultimately fade into oblivion.The South African blog, It’s Almost Supernatural, continues its expose on Ronnie Kasrils, a minister in the South African government, who has been on record for his vile accusation that Israel behaves like nazis.Maryland Conservatarian righteously goes after the filthy Scott Wilson piece in the Washington Post which claims that Israeli settlements are built on palestinian property. So, who really owns palestinian land?Meryl Yourish responds to Dean Esmay. Freedom’s Cost, also a site new to me, reminds us again that the BBC has managed to perfect George Orwell’s Newspeak in a way the author of Brave New World, never thought possible.Topics from 192 countries writes about Thanksgiving in Israel.Elder of Ziyon shows us smiling “peace activists” happily talking with people who want to see the terror groups continue to kill Jews with impunity.And Yehuda Berlinger, of Jerusalem Games, who normally tries to avoid politics, has created a terrifically creative board game and is willing to offer $1000 to anyone who can win. The Israeli Tikkun Blog revisits, with great sadness, the 2006 Election Day Vote and Sderot.The very poignant Jack’s Shack writes about growing up with his brother and being fortunate to come from a long line of stubborn that you really don’t want to be on the wrong side of.Batya asks why the OU is honoring Olmert. Jameel wants to know also. I also wondered why American Magen David honored Hillary Clinton, who kissed the (blech, ugh, eeek, yuck) cheek of Suha Arafat after she accused Israel of poisoning palestinian water.Muse writes about remembering the fallen who gave their lives for Israel during the Yom Kippur war and teaches us about King Solomon–In what order did he write his books? Heichal HaNegina writes about the 44th yahrzeit of HaRav HaGaon Aharon Kotler (1892-1962), Rosh Yeshiva of Beis Medrash Gavoha, in Lakewood, New Jersey, and the “father” of the American yeshivos and kollelim and about the 160th yahrzeit of Rebbe Tzvi Hirsch ben R. Yehuda Leib HaKohen of Riminov, known by all as Reb Hersh M’shareis [the Attendant].Bookworm applauds John Bolton — defending truth, justice and the American way.HouseOfJoy tells us about sponsoring ChayyeiSarah, whose dream is to bring the UYO seminar to Israel.CozyCorner discusses moderate Muslim politics on Israel.Elie exposes another quick pshat [idea] on this week’s parshah of Toldos.Modern Uberdox addresses his concerns about the Agudah coming down on blogs in a letter – and publishes the thoughtful reply.AidelMaidel is crushed. Falling in love can be heartbreaking, but how long should one wait for their soulmate?Why set a side a special day for Thanksgiving? Irina reccommends that we always count our blessings and be thankful for the good things in our lives.To view life simply and to acknowledge HaShem, that is A Simple Jew’s goal, and here he reawakens us to the beauty of clouds. Letters of Thought, on the other hand, is down in the lumps.Palestinians continue to violate the human rights of Israeli Jews. Palestinians have fired more than 1,000 rockets from Gaza into the Israeli city of Sderot so far this year; and more than 1,300 rockets since August 2005 (when the last Jew left Gaza); and more than 3,500 since 2000 (when the Palestinians began a new war after being offered a state). Rick Richman tells us that every one of the rockets was intended to kill civilians.Ever hear of the Darwin Awards? Jameel tells us about two excellent candidates.Jewish Blogmeister interviews Life-of-Rubin who also authors The Jewish Connection as well as the most recently created “The Shtus Blog“.The Atheist Jew writes about his experience with irrational Muslims on a Yahoo forum board.Dry Bones Blog draws a cartoon on airport security. JudeoPundit noted an essay from Mark Levine blaming Israel for the Gemayel assassination. The essay has now appeared in the Huffington Post. At first and for quite a while, the comment thread is a festival of uninterrupted approval.Kesher Talk notes that some kind of vandalism or riot hit the Chabad headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, earlier this week, but it’s hard to figure out who was doing what from this article, which comes with loads of photos. It sounds like some kind of internicine brawl based on theological matters.Whats wrong with Olmert’s govermnent? Daled Amos confirms our worst fears because the answer is: everything. Plus a sad reminder that the dysfunctional “Peace Now,” the internationally funded foreign agent in Israel has made its latest move on behalf of its paymasters to disrupt and discredit Israel.Minor Fast Days writes about Finland’s Jewish community which gathered Sunday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Helsinki synagogue.Nice Jewish people should vote for Mitt Romney and Nice Jewish Boy tells us why.Ocean Guy quotes Benjamin Netanyahu who compares Iran to Nazi Germany in 1938. And Tigerhawk goes a step further to compare Czechoslovakia to Israel as the object of a hostile regime’s desires. Both comparisons should be taken to heart. Oxmyx at OyVayBlog posts yet another example of Israel-bashing in the media.In spite of the world turning against Jews and especially, Israel, Rishon Rishon links to Israeli/Lebanese peace/war songs for some hope.Dag had the privilege of meeting the exalted one, Ezzie. Ben-Yehudah notes that Festivus falls on Shabbath Hanukkah this year. As for me, I have noticed that some of the JBlogs that I linked to for HH #95 do not have Smooth Stone in their blogrolls. Maybe this superb roundup will change their minds. Well, folks, that about wraps up this edition of Haveil Havalim. I hope you all enjoyed it. And thank you, Soccer Dad, for the opportunity.G-d Bless Israel. G-d Bless America. Amen.

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