Haveil Havalim #150 is up today

Haveli Havilim #150 is up today at Soccer Dad. As always, there are some great posts from all around the JBlogosphere, but I especially want to bring your attention to this collection of Abuse of Power posts, that articulate how, under Olmert’s fascist government, Israel has morphed into a dictatorship, where no Jew is safe from speaking out against the Israeli government.

Bloggers beware. From Soccer Dad:

A contributor at Mystical Paths Blog & Emunah Paths Podcasts is called in for interrogation and INTIMIDATION ! ! !.

Shiloh Musings writes about some teenagers who found themselves in the Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

The (not) Forgotten Prisoners of Zion presents The (not) Forgotten Prisoners of Zion: Daughters Of Zion, saying, “Two posts in one regarding the plight of a group of teen aged girls in thrown into the Israeli prison system.”

Israel Matzav notes some awfully convenient timing in Just a coincidence? Lieberman’s daughter interrogated.

treppenwitz writes about those who are curiously silent in … but when they came for me it was too late. Elsewhere on the web, you may read about more episodes of censorship and imprisonment, here.

1389 blog just published posts about censorship, freedom of expression, freedom of speech as well:

Ezra Levant Takes Down Canadian Human Rights CommissionStatement from Foehammer: Experiencing difficulties beyond my controlFoehammer’s Anvil blog taken down by LunarPagesWords fail me: Belarus jails publisher over Muhammad cartoonsLinks to recorded webcasts from threatened British blogger Lionheart(see comments regarding Lionheart’s responses to accusations from LGF).

Muslims are winning the war on terror, everyone. Prepare to be muzzled prior to being beheaded.

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