Have you hugged a Jew today?

Here are some photos and a video that the Mainstream Media (MSM) will not show you. The MSM likes to show you deceptive and altered pics of Lebanese skylines and of Lebanese dead children with strategically placed bodies. But they don’t have the guts to publish pictures likes this.For example, the NY Times’ published an article captioned “Others rallied Saturday, including a San Francisco face-off over Israel” about the protest in San Francisco which showed pics of peaceful looking Muslims and arabists.However, the San Francisco Gate provided a more detailed look at the protesters, yet even they did not capture the true nature of many pro-Hezbollah or anti-Semetic folks like the Jew baitor pictured here. Click on the photo (language and content warning) and you will see more like-minded Muslim- loving Jew-hating folks. Mr. Oriental Asian Man from San Francisco, c’mon, hug a Jew. C’mon and show the world what you’re really made of. Hopefully, your co-workers and your clients will recognize your face in this photo. I hope everything that you ever worked for in this country, as an immigrant or as a fourth generation immigrant, is taken from you in an instant.Keyword(s): photos; Muslim love

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