‘Have a nice day’ TV campaign aims to stop anti-Arab prejudice

Israeli television viewers are likely to be taken by surprise in the coming days when, during a commercial break, they are confronted with an Arabic phrase in bold black letters flashing across the screen against a red ornamental background. “Are you already against it without even knowing what it says? All we wanted to say is have a nice day,” reads the Hebrew phrase that follows. The new publicity campaign – the brainchild of the Mosawa Center for Arab Rights in Israel – has already debuted on Channel 2 and Channel 9+, on local radio stations and on electronic screens throughout the country. The ads are slated to appear soon on the Internet and in the local Russian press. “The purpose of this campaign was mainly to cause the Israeli public sitting at home, or walking down the street, to ask itself why it had a negative reaction to everything Arab, even if it is the simplest phrase,” said Mosawa spokeswoman Abir Kopty. Read the rest of this hilariously absurd article, here.

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