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Another haunting commentary from Batya:

These pictures have been haunting me. I live here in Shiloh, in relative (bli eyin haraa–don’t tempt the evil eye) safety. We’re far from the kassams and other rockets the Arab terrorists are launching at southern Israel, and we’re far from the missiles launched by the Hezbollah, the Arab terrorists of the north. But I’m finding my nights filled with nightmares just the same.

My generation, the post World War II baby boomers, of which both Bush and Olmert are members, was raised to mock the excuses of our elders that they “didn’t know that there was a Holocaust going on.”

In the pre-satellite, pre-Internet, pre-digital, pre-cellphone, pre-cheap phone calls, etc. era it was much easier to hide the cruel anti-Jewish actions of the Nazis.

Today the news is out, the pictures are instantly published, there are no secrets, but we see that nobody cares.

In the 1930’s when the democratically elected Nazis began the anti-Jewish laws culminating in the Extermination Camps and the murder of six million Jews, the official Jewish leadership tried to work with the Nazis, rather than broadcast emergency calls for help, condemnation and cessation of the Nazi Regime.

Yes, I do see similarities in the Nazi period with today. The Nazis aimed for a judenrein (an empty of Jews) Germany, later all of Europe, and the Arabs, with the full support of the entire world, including the United States, the United Nations, the world’s media and the Israeli Left, want a judenrein Judea, Samaria (Biblical Heartland) and most of the Middle-East.

I’m horrified at myself for continuing my everyday life when our very existence is in danger!

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