Harvey Tannenbaum: The Ides of March, World Leaders Celebrate, and Purim is Near

From Harvey Tannenbaum:

Last Thursday night, Jews around the world welcomed the month of Adar for the second time in thirty days. The songs, the costumes, and the festivities have begun for the Purim soon to be celebrated. At the same time of our countdown to remember the Amalekites and listen this coming Shabbat of “Zachor” to the Torah reading which reminds us to wipe out their memory, another museum opened tonight in Jerusalem.

On the day of the warning of the “Ides of March” from Caesar, the leaders of the non Jewish world cluttered and crowded the streets of Jerusalem to ‘celebrate’ and participate in the $40 million Yad Vashem of 2005. Only sixty years after the end of world war two, the French, German, the Poles, and others arrived in Jerusalem to see pictures and films and hear speeches again of what their grandfathers did in the Holocaust.

As the festivities and parties and dinners continue, the Jewish leadership(sic)?of the modern Israel in 2005 are returning terrorist city by city to the terrorists. At 6 AM tomorrow, the walls of Jericho fall down again without Joshua but this time in deference to the needs of the Jewish leadership and their in house attorneys’ financial interest in the casino of Jericho. Only hours before the walls of Jericho go back to the terrorists, as world leaders celebrate over the history of dead Jews of 60 years ago, the chief terrorist substitute pitcher for the late pitching great, Yassir Arafat, has thrown out the first ‘ball.’ Abu Mazen thanked the foolish Jewish leaders who are without Mordechai and Esther of Purim for giving him Jericho tomorrow before Shacharit services and blatantly announced that the murderer of Rechavam ‘Gandhi’ Zeevi and the chief organizer of the shipload of arms will be released from the Jericho prison.

The so called ‘Defense Minister’ has signed off on Jericho as the casino interests far outweigh the release of Minister Zeevi’s killers from Jericho. The world leaders dine tonight in Jerusalem’s hotels and restaurants while Jericho is being prepared again for terrorist haven.

The Holocaust of the 1940’s without a Jewish nation where the world looked the other way as the transfer of Jews and gas smells worked 24/7, is now being rebuilt for the transfer of Jews by the Jews!

The children are singing at the ceremony at Yad Vashem in the background are film clips of the children of the camps of 1942. What a Hollywood production. Kofi Annan who is so busy trying to figure out how much oil for food his son parlayed with Iraq flew to Jerusalem to participate at the Yad Vashem ceremony. A few miles away, the children were shopping for costumes for Purim, graggers were being tested for the sounds of the megila night usage, and the bakeries have begun their production of the ‘hamentachen'(ears of Haman.)

The Jew is shot again by the terrorist in Hebron near the Cave of the patriarchs/Matriarchs. The dignitaries are completing their last bottle of dessert wines at the hotels and restaurants as their private jets get warmed up in the new Ben Gurion Airport for departure. The 80 hours until Shabbat Zachor’s mandatory listening to the words of “Zachor” and to “erase and destroy” the Amalekites are ticking away. The terrorists who are hiding and laughing in Tul Karem, Kalkilya, and Jericho are counting their 80 hours until they get back their terrorist cities. The silence since the Hollywood production of Sharem el Sheikh last month with Arik Sharon and the Arab terrorist leaders around a square table allows for the terrorists to get their weapons ready.

Yes, dear friends, the world leaders came in droves not for a bar mitzvah or wedding of Jews. The world leaders did not arrive here for a solidarity conference of Jewish life. The terrorists are still shooting in Hebron and Gush Katif tonight (some of the shootings are censored by the government so as not to upset the ‘peace production.’) The Romans are still reminding the world to “Beware of the Ides of March!” The Jews are preparing to transfer Jews out of homes on trucks and cattle cars in 90 days. The terrorists and Jewish partners will begin again to share in those casino profits while Joshua is nowhere to be found in Jericho tonight. The world leaders have come to spread joy on another museum or building that talks about dead Jews. If the government of Israel opens up another museum dedicated to terror victims and families which will accentuate dead Jews…perhaps more countries will attend.

So as we count the 9 days until the triple Purim weekend, we search for masks, we prepare to fast in honor of Esther who stood up to the Kings of the world, and we honor Mordechai, a Jewish leader who is missing today amongst us. We will work and pray for a real “Vnafocho” reversal where the curses of Haman and the so called leaders of 2005 here are reversed to the blessings of Mordechai and Esther by the people of Israel who will change their ‘Purim’ lottery of life vs. death.

Good night world leaders who came to celebrate dead Jews, good night to those who are beware of the “Ides of March,” and good night to the children who have begun another week of preparation of Purim, costumes, parties, songs…and to the leaders of Israel….forget it…you won’t be able to move Jews by Jews….If you really want to do it, consult the Germans and Poles..they have experience!