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Hard-Line Muslim Meeting Draws 90,000 Followers, Calls For Islamic State

Attention, muzbots, attention please. At least 90,000 of you are hereby ordered to pack a stadium in Jakarta and repeat endlessly how great your man-god is and call for an Islamic theocracy coup d’etat in Indonesia. Oh wait, you already have. From FoxNews:

Nearly 90,000 followers of a hard-line Muslim group packed a stadium in the Indonesian capital Sunday, calling for the creation of an Islamic state and thunderously chanting “Allah is great!”

Hizbut Tahrir, a Sunni organization with an estimated million members, is banned in some Asian and Arab countries, but drew supporters from Europe, Africa and the Middle East to Indonesia for a meeting of the group that is held every two years.

Speeches called for the return of the caliphate, or Islamic statehood, across the Muslim world. The crowd, divided into sections for women and men, roared in support.

The freedom of expression that Muslims enjoy in Indonesia is a luxury compared to most other countries, said Hassan Ko Nakata of the Japanese Muslim Association.

Speakers from England and Australia, Imran Waheed and Sheikh Ismail al Wahwah, were deported upon arrival in Indonesia, a spokesman said. It was not immediately clear why they were not allowed to attend.

“Those responsible for this are being paranoid,” Ismail Yusanto told reporters. “This has hurt our right of freedom of expression.”

I find it interesting how Muslims decry their loss of freedoms perfectly identified by our brilliantly written and conceived G-d inspired Bill of Rights, yet when their voices cannot be heard by whining how their rights to freedom of expression have been violated, they’ll line up to get their gun powder, plastic explosives and 10 inch gauge wire in order to violate mine.
When will reasoned men reasonably start to believe that the political aspect of Islam makes it less a religion and more of an ideology, and a non-benign one at that?

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