Hanan Ashwari and her ugly soul

Hanan Ashrawi, the mendacious Palestinia spokeswoman, rumored to be a former lover of Peter Jennings, finally got something going for her; she admits ‘We should have accepted Partition’.In spite of her “epiphany”, she is still to be loathed. In spite of the fact that she is a woman and a Christian trying to debunk “negative stereotypes of Palestinians” as terrorists, she is a liar. Hanan Ashwari still insists that the violence of the “intifada” really emanates from the “occupation”, she still snarls that the Israelis should “return to their origin countries”, and she still spouts the palestinian party line, which is evident on the official maps of the P.A. that there is no Israel, only “occupied palestine”.Speaking on CNN’s Larry King Weekend on November 10, 2001, Hanan Ashrawi hoped that the U.S. war on terrorism would lead to new diplomatic initiatives to address its root “causes.” She then went on to specifically identify “the occupation which has gone on too long” as an example of one of terrorism’s sources. In other words, according to Ashrawi, the violence of the intifada emanates from the “occupation.”Ashwari enjoys her repeated references to “occupation” or “occupied Palestinian territories.” First, Palestinian spokesmen like her hope to create a political context to explain and even justify the palestinians’ adoption of violence and terrorism during the intifada. Second, the palestinian demand of Israel to “end the occupation” does not leave any room for territorial compromise in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as suggested by the original language of UN Security Council Resolution 242.Third, the use of “occupied palestinian territories” denies any Israeli claim to the land: had the more neutral language of “disputed territories” been used, then the Palestinians and Israel would be on an even playing field with equal rights. Additionally, by presenting Israel as a “foreign occupier,” advocates of the palestinian cause delegitimize the Jewish historical attachment to Israel. This has become a focal point of Palestinianism since 1964, three years BEFORE Israel entered the West Bank and Gaza Strip after first being attacked by Arabs in the 1967 Six-Day War. The focal point of Arabism, Arabists, islamists and terrorist apologists who cling to their united politicial identity is to destroy Jews, Judaism, Israel, Christianity and anything else that challenges the myth of Arab superiority. Folks, remember, prior to 1967, Jordan had occupied the West Bank and Egypt had occupied the Gaza Strip; their presence in those territories was the result of their illegal invasion in 1948, in defiance of the UN Security Council. Jordan’s 1950 annexation of the West Bank was recognized only by Great Britain (excluding the annexation of Jerusalem) and Pakistan, and rejected by the vast majority of the international community, including the Arab states. Hanan Ashwari’ s soul is dark. Until she admits to the visceral ferociousness in her heritage towards anything not Arab, and until she admits to the savagery inherent in the bloodline of Ishmael of which she descends, she will always remain a palestinian poster child for hatred.