Hamas Terror Cell Arrested

Attributed to “security sources” [Provided by the IDF Spokesperson’s Office]

Hamas terror cell planning abduction arrested

It has now been released for publication that in a joint IDF, ISA and Israeli Police operation in October 2006, security forces arrested the members of a Hamas terror cell which was in the advanced stages of planning the abduction of an Israeli in the Jerusalem area. The cell, which was being directed by senior Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, was planning to use the abduction in order to negotiate the release of Hamas prisoners. The members of the cell had already acquired weapons using money from the Gaza Strip, and were planning to recruit more members, including a driver from Jerusalem.

The men arrested are:

* The head of the cell, Fahres Awad Abed Al Fatah Quwassma, is a 30 year-old resident of Hebron. Quwassma told investigators that he had established contact with a Hamas terrorist from the Gaza Strip during his previous period of imprisonment and had begun planning the abduction with him. Following his release from prison in May 2006, he was contacted by the terrorists in the Gaza Strip and was instructed to recruit a cell to carry out the abduction.

* Hamza Ibrahim Moussah Zahran, is a 26 year-old Hamas terrorist from the Ramallah area. Zahran was recruited by Quwassma and was tasked with acquiring weapons and recruiting additional members to the cell.

* Iyad Feisel Diab Mansour, is a 26 year-old Hamas terrorist from the Ramallah area.

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