Hamas leader badly hurt

Boo-hoo. A Hamas murderer who has topped Israel’s most-wanted list for a decade was severely wounded and has undergone four hours of spinal surgery Wednesday after being wounded in an Israeli airstrike, security officials said. Pass me an onion, I think I’m gonna cry.

Mohammed Deif, the vermin, could end up paralyzed, Palestinian security officials said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss his condition. Wednesday’s blast marked the army’s fourth attempt to kill Deif, held responsible for suicide bombings in Israel. In a 2002 missile strike, he lost an eye.

Now the detestable bastard is rumored to have lost an arm and a leg and while he lays in some hospital bed with a catheter up his penis and a collector catching his blood oozing from his stapled sutures, he will look up to the ceiling with his one remaining eye and will know – firsthand – how Israelis suffer when demented Islamo-Nazi homicide bombers blow up Jews at pizzerias, weddings, and shopping malls. For those poor Jews who do not perish in the Muslim homicide bombings, they instead suffer as cripples and paraplegics, paralyzed and deformed.

So my wish for Deif is that he lay on a cot, impotent, useless, blinded and paralyzed for the rest of his stinking life with just one thought – how futile his efforts have been to destroy Israel. Now he’s just a doorstop but Israel is stronger than ever.

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