Hamas’ Dupes

Deconstructing poverty as a root cause of Muslim terrorism. From Hamas’ Dupes via Daily Alert:

A Hamas official warned that the reduction in fuel shipments to Gaza’s power plant meant: “We have the choice to either cut electricity on babies in the maternity ward or heart surgery patients.” Not exactly. Hamas has the choice of supplying the electricity it has first to hospitals and other essential humanitarian needs. Hamas also has the choice of stopping the Kassam rocket attacks against Israel. Instead, as usual, Hamas’ leaders have chosen to deliberately increase the suffering of Palestinians, knowing the international community will cooperate with this cynical choice and blame Israel. There is no greater act of “collective punishment” than randomly firing missiles at the homes of innocent Israeli civilians. Where is the concern for the “humanitarian crisis” of Israelis who have had to live under the threat of rocket fire for the last seven years? Power outages cannot compare to the deadly and indiscriminate threat from missiles landing on kindergartens and homes. If Western officials uniformly blamed Hamas instead of amplifying its propaganda, it might be forced to stop its aggression, ending the “humanitarian crisis.”

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