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Hamas Continues to Set Israel-Palestinian Agenda

Two Israelis were killed when at least four Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the Nahal Oz fuel terminal from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Fortunately, two of the terrorists were killed by the IDF in the terminal, and at least two others fled back to the Gaza Strip. In a swift response, the military dispatched aircraft which hit a car carrying at least one of the terrorists. According to a Hamas spokesman, the man was seriously injured. The army said two of the attackers were killed in the strike. Via Hamas Continues to Set Israel-Palestinian Agenda:

Wednesday’s infiltration of terrorists from Gaza into Israel is another reminder that Hamas and its regional patrons continue to drive events, not the other way around. Not only will the peace process be overwhelmed by war in Gaza, but so will the political saliency of Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas today is a walking anachronism. If there is real progress in the peace process, Hamas and Iran will unleash violence and the ensuing battle will force Abbas to suspend negotiations; if Israel tries to negotiate with Hamas, Abbas’ credibility will be fatally undermined; if he negotiates with Hamas, he will face abandonment from the U.S. and Israel; if a prisoner exchange for [captured IDF soldier] Gilad Shalit is accomplished, he will be shown among the Palestinians to be even weaker opposite Hamas than he already looks.

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