Hamas bans masks for Gaza gunmen

In one way, it is a good thing that Hamas has taken over Gaza completely because now people will see that there is no pretense of the palestinians being a civilized poeple. They elected Hamas, they got what they wanted, and now the hold world will be able to see clearly that they are nothing but a bunch of criminals and terrorists. There is no pretense to civility anymore. There is no semblance of them being a civilized people. They are murderers bent on the destruction of Israel. From Hamas bans masks for Gaza gunmen:

In their first order since seizing control of the Gaza Strip, Hamas Islamists banned gunmen from wearing masks – unless they are shooting at Israel.

The masks have become commonplace in the Gaza Strip during weeks of factional fighting between the ruling Hamas movement and President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah faction.

Both sides wore the masks to hide their identities.

“A decision was taken last night to prevent (people from wearing) masks,” Khaled Abu Hilal, a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry, said.

Hamas made one exception, for militants carrying out cross-border attacks on Israel.

“Wearing masks should only be near the borders and in fighting the Zionist enemy, not in the streets and near people’s homes,” Abu Hilal said.

It’s good that the palestinian serial killers will be wearing masks when they attempt to murder Jews; it will make it easier for the IDF to identify them, then blow them away. It will eliminate any Friend or Foe issues completely.