“Half-Shekel” Weight from First Temple Era Unearthed near City of David in Jerusalem

Another nail in the “Ancientpalestinianpeople” coffin. Via JPost:

A tiny stone “half-shekel” weight that dates back to the First Temple period was unearthed north of the City of David in Jerusalem, the City of David Foundation announced Wednesday. The weight was found during the sifting of archaeological soil originating from the foot of Robinson’s Arch at the Western Wall. The weight, which has the word Beka written on it in ancient Hebrew script, has been known to be used as a half-shekel donation that each person from the age of 20 years was required to bring as a census and for the maintenance of the Holy Temple, as described in Exodus 38:26.

Doron Spielman, vice president of the City of David Foundation, said, “This 3,000-year-old Beka weight, inscribed with ancient Hebrew and likely used in the First Temple, is anchoring once again the deep historical connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. It is a reminder from our ancestors in First Temple times telling us that the State of Israel of today does not rest only on a 70-year-old United Nation’s vote, but, rather, rests upon a foundation that began more than three millennia ago. Every single day, archaeologists in the City of David are uncovering our past and preserving our future.”

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