Hadera attack was planned prior to Islamic Jihad leader’s death

Folks, listen to this: Israeli security officials claim the Hadera attack was not carried out in response to the recent killing of Islamic Jihad leader Luai Sa’di, but was rather planned prior to it. “Such an attack requires more than two days worth of preparations,” one official said. “They constantly try to carry out attacks, and today they succeeded, so they are calling it a revenge attack.”

I have no doubt that this is true. First of all, “palestinians” were sending Katushya rockets into Israel days after Jews were forcibly evacuated from their homeland of Gaza. No “palestinian” leader was assassinated during or after the Gaza evacuation of Jewish citizens.

See, the “palestinians” have an “end-justifies-the-means” culture, so mendacity and the act of lying is just another tool in their box.

Islam itself is based on the lies and fears of one envious man. It is a religion that expressly started out as raids against caravans for loot and booty. It does not create wealth, it simply seizes the wealth of others. Mohammed himself robbed others, as well as took hostages to be bartered for money.

Islam is simply profit at the expense of other people’s work, blood and sinew; simply put, integrity is a foreign concept to the pan-Arab Islamic culture.

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