Gulping out loud: Highly enriched uranium found in Iran

I hope all the terrorist apologists out there are happy now, handing out your little candies, shooting your rifles in the air, writing more about how peaceful Islam is, how Bush should die, you know the usual “the West sucks but everyting out of Arabia is holy” crap. Go on, Daily Kos, take the lead and celebrate – now that you got what you wanted, you should offer up your own children as sacrifices to the moon-god as a sort of thank-you gesture. It’s what leftist Stalinist useless communists should do. After all, you’ve all been wanting to see the demise of the United States and Israel for years now:

The International Atomic Energy Agency told the U.N. Security Council its inspectors have found new traces of enriched uranium in Iran.

The discovery marked the third instance that highly enriched uranium was found at an Iranian facility, but the IAEA said the nuclear fingerprint on the new discovery does not match that found on earlier samples, which the agency had concluded came from contaminated equipment from Pakistan, The New York Times reported Friday.

Anyone who is normal and who loves life and wants to live past 55 should read Symposium: Ahmadinejad’s Armageddon. An excerpt:

The Iranian Mullahs either already have, or will very soon be in possession of, nuclear weapons. This reality is horrifying in the context of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s verbalized fantasy of annihilating Israel. Part of this fantasy, and also the inspiration for it, is the apocalyptic world vision of Ahmadinejad — and of many of his co-rulers. This vision involves the Islamic Shiite belief in the return of the Hidden Imam, who, according to some, was supposed to have returned on August 22 — which Ahmadinejad ominously referred to when speaking about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The date has passed, of course, and no Hidden Imam has yet, arguably, appeared; nor has an Apocalypse, in our literal understanding of it, transpired.

By why did the Iranian president refer to August 22? And who exactly is the Hidden Imam? How and why does his supposed return inspire the nuclear Mullahs’ visions of annihilating Israel and, eventually, the rest of the non-Islamic world? Does Ahmadinejad believe that “speeding things up” in terms of the usage of nuclear weapons will hasten the return of the Hidden Imam?

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