Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) supports US strike on Iran

Of course they would. They don’t have the guts to go after the madman themselves, and besides, Arab states would love to see the Zionist-led United States strike Iran because then, it would make a great excuse to extend the war of pan-Arabia vs. the West, a war which has been going on for the past 1,400 years:
Gulf Cooperation Council states would support a U.S. strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

A report by the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center asserted that the six Gulf Arab states would not tolerate a nuclear Iran. The report said the GCC regards Iran as a bully that seeks to dominate the region.

“Teheran has to finally realize that if push comes to shove, if the choice is between an Iranian nuclear bomb and a U.S. military strike, then the Arab Gulf states have no choice but to quietly support the U.S.,” the report, authored by international studies director Christian Koch, said.

GRC, which on Tuesday held a roundtable that included U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, said Iran has rejection negotiations with the Gulf Arab states. The report cited Iran’s military buildup in the Gulf and its refusal to negotiate the seizure of two islets from the United Arab Emirates.
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