The Guardian: An Atrocity Created Israel’s Birth

The Guardian: An Atrocity Created Israel’s Birth via FrontPage:

The obsession Britons have with the ‘atrocity’ that is the Jewish State can easily render one ill when attempting to deal with this national disease. In the past week the ‘Independent’ has been running a series of dramatic front pages with images of death and destruction caused by – you guessed it – America and Israel. The Guardian has had its usual hate-fest, whilst the media and British political party conferences have been filled with vituperation leveled at Tony Blair’s ‘caving in to Bush and the American Zionist lobby,’ hence allowing Israel to rain bombs down on Lebanon.

Recently the British journalist Melanie Phillips criticised the Anglo-Jewish community for its lack of robustness in dealing with the daily onslaught from white British anti-Semites, obsessed Israel-haters and the huge, loud, well-funded and vociferous Anglo-Muslim community. She was right, but…

If the tiny Jewish community of Britain is as tired, shell-shocked and blown away as I am by the constant attacks on everything Jews represent and care about post-Holocaust, then one cannot blame the Jewish community for being less than forceful. It has reached the stage that many Anglo-Jews feel kicked and stabbed every day. Their souls are eaten by the distorted and sneering articles, radio spots and TV appearances of an endless stream of men and women who have an irrational hatred of that – horror or horrors! – little Jew-filled country that has more symphony orchestras than all of the other nations in the Middle East and Africa put together.

The Independent, the Telegraph and the Guardian should be reminded that the British armed the Arabs prior to 1948 and hung the Jews for mere possession of weapons. The British sent Jews fleeing Hitler back to the gas chambers rather than let them enter their ancient homeland or risk offending their Arab friends. The British used to send Arabs into minefields to clear them to save their own soldiers from being blown to pieces and blew up Arab homes if they believed they were involved in terrorism. Less of this hypocrisy, Independent and the Telegraph and Guardian. The British nation’s treatment of the Jews is shameful. Yes, the British were given a Mandate to create a Jewish state in Palestine, when it was both sides of the Jordan River. Yet, the British gave 83% to the Arabs to create another Arab state called Transjordan. The Jews ate the crumbs that fell from Britain’s table and the Jews were prepared to accept a state from the remainder that was mostly desert. The Arabs considered this too much for them and tried to kill them all. I wish that the Independent and the Guardian and the Telegraph and their supporters would review their own history and take off their hypocritical blinders. When those rags can explain what England had to do with the Falkland Islands or India or the countless other countries it invaded or when England can explain – without fabrication – when it was threatened with extinction and genocide of the English people like the Jews and Israelis were by the Arab countries who waged seven wars of aggression against them, let me know.

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