Groups set to protest Saudi Arabia in Los Angeles

The last time I posted about this upcoming protest against Saudi Arabia , several Saudi website referrals popped up on my stat page. Let’s see if the same rats come sniffing around for this update from UAC:

A coalition of organizations spearheaded by the United American Committee is set to protest against Saudi influence in America and against Saudi support of terror according to the groups. The protest will occur this Saturday August 2nd at 4:00 PM in front of the Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia located at 2045 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.

With growing animosity and suspicion toward Saudi Arabia, several groups involved in what is being called the anti-jihad resistance are planning a protest with goals to bring awareness of Saudi Arabia’s questionable usage of dollars earned by the latest spike in the cost of petroleum.

The primary source of outrage among protesters is what they call Saudi support of terror through the Kingdom’s funding of radical mosques and Islamic schools known as madrassas throughout the world which follow the Saudi fundamentalist view of Islam known as Wahabism.

Groups such as the United American Committee state that when one traces the trail of virtually any Muslim terrorist in the world, it almost inevitably leads back to a Saudi funded mosque or school that the terrorist has been trained in.

“When we fill up every time at the pump they are turning our dollars against us in order to kill us.” remarks protester Jim Horn, Vice Chairman of the U.A.C., a non-profit organization with goals to educate Americans about the threat of radical Islam.

“They have learned our laws and our ways of life and are now using them against us, something which the terrorists have learned is far more effective than bullets or physical attacks,” Horn continued, also referring to the Saudi lobbyist efforts which influence American politicians, another item which is a primary target of this coming Saturday’s protest.

In recent years through the growing use of internet weblogs and other alternative medium, Saudi interference in American school systems have greatly come to light, stirring a great deal of unrest among parents and educators.

In 2007 the UAC released 10,000 pamphlets to its members with various facts on Saudi influence in Western education.

These facts listed such items as Saudi Arabia’s funding of mid-east study programs which teach Saudi style views on Islam in American Universities such as Georgetown which received $22 million, or the University of Arkansas which received $20 million.

Such programs are notably set up by Saudi Arabia in universities with almost no Muslim student body to speak of. Once the initial Saudi money runs out to fund these programs, they are then often subsidized by American tax dollars.

The UAC report also mentioned Saudi influence at elementary school levels including notebooks given to teachers such as the “Arab World Studies Notebook” in which children are led to believe that Jews control American foreign policy and that the Koran is superior to other religious texts.

The protester’s aims are to awaken the nation and let American politicians know that the citizens of America are beginning to view Saudi Arabia to radical Islam in the world today as the Soviet Union was viewed to stand for Communism in the world during the Cold War.

All concerned Americans are urged to attend this important protest Saturday at 4:00 PM in front of the Saudi Consulate located at 2045 Sawtelle Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

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