Great Satan’s Girlfriend

I had to reprint this comment from one of the most astute and intelligent bloggers I have come across in years. Courtney, owner of the political savvy and astounding GreatSatan’sGirlfriend, wrote the following comment on my site in response to my post about the establishment of The New Jewish Congress which was launched in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Folks, your must acquaint yourselves with GreatSatan’sGirlfriend. Here’s a sample why:

This is a great opportunity – especially in the PR world – consider redefinition: right of return = right of relocation.

Example? Compare a map of Deutschland in 1914 to one of 2007. Try and make the case for returning turf that has been German since Roman times and the world will laughing lecture you about the wages states pay when they repeatedly attack their neighbors and repeatedly lose.

Reparations could include land, citizenship and of course cash.

Reparations should be paid by nations who have repeatedly launched wars of agression against a democratic member of the UN.

Palestinian refugees are no different from the nearly 8 million who were driven out of eastern Europe.

Assimilation is key. Time for the ME’s pet[t]y despots – benign and horrid to rise to the challenge of accepting responsibility. For the sake of Peace.

History provides other examples – many more recent. Cyprus is one. Never hear about Greeks demanding the Right of Return to Symrna. Or Germans detonating themselves in GDansk protesting Polish rule over Danzig.

What is so magical about Palestinians?

These points should be repeated constantly



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