Grant for Muslim hate bloggers

We have the right to criticize Islam as a religion of peace especially when there is no corroborating evidence that it is a religion of peace. We have the responsibility to point out that societies built on Islamic values are not “just like us”, and they do not have the same goals as us. I expect people with intelligence to realize that you cannot take concepts such as democracy, that come out of Judeo-Christian values of equality of all men before their G-d, and simply graft that onto another culture like Islam where it has never existed in the past, and where the empirical historical evidence confirms that it does not exist in the present, either.It is in our duty as Americans to stop funding Islamic nations, considering we are in a war. It is also necessary to start deporting illegal immigrants, particularly if they are Muslim. If they see that it is no longer profitable to be Muslim anymore, many are likely to change their views on life and will learn to play well with others. If they do not, then at least they are removed from the West, and are unable to conduct Jihad from within.It is tragic really that we have arrived to this state of affairs. But this is what Muslims chose. Muslims wanted war, Muslims will suffer the consequences of that decision.ReligionNewsBlog tells us that an Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 Government grant – a month before the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks.Muslimyouth.net carries dozens of rants by fanatics on its “support group” site.One member wrote of suicide missions: “If you can blow dozens of people up at the same time, great, absolutely great.”What a disgusting sentiment. With statements like the above, there is no doubt that Muslims do not worship the same G-d as Jews and Christians.Muslims have been given license by liberals and leftists to act as savages, because the mental disease of liberalism thinks it is multicuturally quaint to act out your culture, no matter what it is and no matter how despicable it is to others. Worse even is the utter failure of American Muslims to separate jihadists from their ranks.

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