Good riddance, Dan Rather

Folks, just a reminder to you all that – finally – Dan Rather will anchor his last “CBS Evening News” broadcast on Wednesday.

We’re delighted. It’s time for Dan Rather to retire. Dan Rather and his liberal allies finally felt the heat. CBS News ratings are in the basement. Their local affiliates are rattled. And public trust in the Liberal Media is at a 30-year low.

CBS was caught peddling phony documents that smeared President Bush, just weeks before election day, and they defended this smear for two weeks. Dan Rather will finally step aside so that real reforms are made to address the liberal bias at CBS News. It was CBS who was responsible for exposing Janet Jackson’s breast to millions of families watching the Super Bowl last year. If a $550,000 penalty was appropriate for that, what should the fine be for trying to unfairly influence a national election? The American people own the airwaves; CBS merely leases them.

Good riddance, Dan Rather.

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