Good grief, somebody get George Soros a muzzle


Reports of plans to set up a new, left-wingJewish group seeking to lobby the U.S. government on Mideast policy have worried some in Israel, who fear it could undermine the existing pro-Israel lobby in Washington and harm Israeli security. The reports indicated that among those considering funding the initiative is billionaire George Soros, a harsh critic of Israeli policies.

Ron Kuby, Daniel Barenboim, Deborah Fink, Adam Shapiro, George Soros, Stanley Cohen, “Rabbi” David Weiss, are just a sampling of Jews who are self-loathers when it comes to their acknowledgement and pride in being Jewish. Just Google each of them and read what each says about Israel and Jews, and see for yourselves. Listen to Ron Kuby on streaming audio on the internet at or read how David Weiss believes that Israel is on stolen “palestinian” land.

These Jews and Jews like them do not want to be in a position to have to assert their rights and take their proper place in the Jewish family of nations; what is important to them is to be accepted, wanted, liked – and to achieve recognition and success in whatever part of the world they find themselves, no matter who they have to stab in the back in order to achieve their goals.

Manfred Gerstenfeld at The Jewish Center for Public Affairs writes:

Anti-Semitic attacks on Israel by Israelis and Jews are frequently indistinguishable from those by non-Jews. Among the specific aspects in the anti-Israel writings of some Jews are the use of their family’s Holocaust experiences, their references to being Jewish, or an association of some kind with Israel. Assaults on Israel and Jews by non-Jews often use statements from Israeli or diaspora Jewish defamers as a legitimization. In order to fight verbal attacks against Israel by Israelis and diaspora Jews more effectively, a much better understanding of their background, motives, and methods is required.

A biography of George Soros on Discover the Network begins with these facts:

George Soros is a Hungarian immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1956, at age 26, and made his fortune as an international financier. His father, who was born into an Orthodox Jewish family, changed the family name from Schwartz to Soros in 1936 – a move that enabled the Soros family to conceal its Jewish identity and thus survive the Nazi Holocaust. In 1947 the family emigrated from Hungary to England, where an event occurred that greatly influenced the development of George’s personality and worldview. He broke his leg and was cared for by England’s National Health Service, free of charge, while the Jewish relief agencies of that era did not offer him the help he believed they owed him. In that convergence of events was born Soros’ favorable opinion of Democratic Socialism, and his negative view of many Jewish groups.

It is pathetic that a Jewish relief agency would take the brunt of Soros’ dysfunctional transferance, rather than the perpetrators of Nazism who tormented his family, but – hey, that’s a symptom of his dysfunction.

George Soros funded that created the ad which directly compared George W. Bush to Hitler and this nation’s policies with the Third Reich. George Soros loves to fund leftwing causes and groups. He supported the now convicted lawyer, Lynn Stewart, who aided Muslim terrorists. George Soros funds groups who oppose George Bush. He created the Open Society Policy Center, an organization that would obstruct U.S. law enforcement from prosecuting the “War on Extremism” and that would also direct illegal aliens into America’s medical systems.

Somebody needs to give this leftwing rat a muzzle.

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