God Bless America

Wow, it’s a great day to be an American! What a great day! We’re so delighted that President Bush has been elected to a second term. We all worked hard to help him get elected and now it’s time to say thanks. I want to thank President Bush and the American people who voted for him, and most of all – Gd Almighty – for answering our prayers. Amidst the joy, this is a humbling moment, to witness and to be a recipient of Gd’s goodness, grace, mercy and love, because it is only because of Gd that President Bush has been re-elected. I am ashamed that I ever doubted Him.

I want to thank Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, CrushKerry, Matt Margolis, Blogs For Bush, Swift Vets and Blogger for giving us a tool to make it all happen.

Liberals have spent a year besmirching, disparaging, and slandering our commander in cheif, undermining our war effort, undermining our soldiers, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. You called our president a “liar”, “Hitler” and everything else. I can’t resist the temptation to mention how depressed Bush’s enemies are tonite, but I think I can mention a few of them without rubbing their noses in it: Osama bin Laden, Yassir Arafat, Jacques Chirac, al-Zarqawi, and Kim Jong Il – good luck digesting your bile.

And heck, yeah, we ARE going to gloat but just a little:


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