A gentile Russian Neo-Nazi group busted in Tel Aviv

There is no doubt that evil is like liquified mercury. It can be just one simple occurrence of itself, or it can break off into dozens of little pieces of itself and migrate so that it can expand elsewhere, and insinuate itself into the unprotected and porous seams of the civilized world. Now, it has surfaced again. Israeli police have busted a group of Israeli neo-Nazis in the Tel Aviv region and found a gun and explosives. When police raided the homes of the neo-Nazis, they found video documentation of dozens of other crimes. The group’s members had been found to regularly beat religious Jews and foreign workers in Tel Aviv. One video shows members of the group surrounding a Russian heroin addict and, after the man admits he is Jewish, beating him mercilessly, along with another man who tries to assist him. The youths are non-Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Although the nine arrests were made a month ago, a gag order on the case was in place until Saturday night. Police had been investigating over 20 people involved with the group ever since the vandalizing of a large synagogue in Petach Tikvah over a year ago. The neo-Nazis had painted the walls, as well as the insides of prayer books, with Nazi graffiti.

More alarming is the fact that the Anti-Defamation League, founded to protect Jews from neo-Nazi groups and anti-Semitism, released a hasty statement in Hebrew from its Israel office in defense of the neo-Nazi group. I don’t know which is more dangerous.