Geneva will host meeting to end the Red Cross emblem controversy

Folks, representatives from 192 countries are meeing in Geneva over the long-standing controversy focusing on the symbol of the Israeli first aid organization – Magen David Adom – could use to identify itself for humanitarian missions in armed conflicts.

See the arrogance, folks? Other nations get to decide what symbol Israel, a sovereign nation, can use so that the Star of David doesn’t offend “others”. Wonder who those “others” could be. Shyeah, like we don’t already know.

The kicker is the symbol would be a red diamond, not a red Star of David.

The Swiss foreign ministry announced on Monday that the 192 signatory countries to the Geneva Conventions – a set of international humanitarian laws – are being invited to attend the meeting in the Swiss city of Geneva on December 5-6.

The latest proposal envisages that the Magen David Adom would be allowed to put its Red Star of David in the center of the crystal for descriptive purposes.

The red diamond (seen here on your left) could become the third emblem. Palestinian officials said they approved of the Swiss proposal and the new emblem but criticised the continuing human rights violations in Israel’s occupied territories.

Yes, folks, a red diamond is actually better; this way Muslim terrorists won’t blow up first responders in ambulances quite so quickly. The red diamond will give the sociopathic islamofascists reason to pause and discover whether the approaching ambulance contains Joos and that determination would be just long enough to keep their kill-switch in the off position ensuring that they don’t kill their Muslim bretheren by mistake, not that that would make any difference to them.

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