Gazans Worry IDF Will “Settle Accounts”

Via Gazans Worry IDF Will “Settle Accounts”:

Gaza residents’ greatest fear is that after Israel finishes the war up north, it will be free to settle accounts with the Palestinians.

The impression is that most Gaza residents would be happy to return kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit to Israel.

There are almost daily reports of assassinations, abductions, and clan fights in Gaza. A citizen who wants to resolve a legal problem knows that the best way is to bypass the courts and hire armed men.

$100 will buy you four armed men for a whole day; they can help with debt collection, removing business rivals, or taking over land.

The Erez industrial zone is no longer recognizable. Every day dozens of youth can be seen at the ruins of the Israeli industrial buildings, dismantling everything they can get their hands on: tiles, cinder blocks, plastic, and pipes.

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