Gaza operation is legitimate self-defense

Aviram Zino questions the IDF operation in Gaza and the possibility of hurting civilians may not stand up to a proportionality test. So what is a proportional reaction? A proportional reaction is an action meant to retaliate against illegal activity, and in essence to foil and prevent the source of evil from escalating.Self-defense, it is important to stress out, is not only to rescue the solider but also to hinder on continuous future threats of abductions declared by the terror organizations. The big question is whether hurting civilians is proportional and whether it could foil terror attacks. In the opinion of Dr. Nitza Shapira-Libai, who until recently was president of Israel’s Press Council and an expert on international law, the answer is: No. I say this: don’t ANYONE dare think for one minute that the blood of a Jewish soldier is worth less than the blood of a so-called “palestinian”. The barbaric Hamas/Fatah/Hezbollah factions should have thought twice about digging a tunnel and murdering two Israeli soldiers in the first place. But that’s what rats do, they dig tunnels. It is also remarkable to see official palestinian spokesmen make the argument that the disengagement from Gaza remains “occupied” territory in spite of the disengagement from Gush Katif and other plans to evacuate Jewish citizens from their homes in the future. It is very often necessary to create peace only through what seems to be an act of violence. One must remove those things that disturb peace and that create tensions between peoples in order for peace to exist. And it is not always possible to remove the items that block peace through non-violent means. Does anyone seriously think that the Nazis could have been dealt with non-violently? Can Osama bin Laden be dealt with non-violently? Ariel Sharon has always said that the path to peace in the Middle East must begin with decisive military action against the terrorist infrastructure. Only once violence, as an option, is rooted out can peace be achieved. May HaShem provide a sukkot and protect the soldiers who protect Israel, their families and the thousands of Jewish families continually being attacked by the godless who continue to choose war all the time over peace and loving-kindness. Amen.

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