Gaza is the thieves’ first reward; next they’ll want Jerusalem

Folks, Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, Israel is a success for the undeserving, thieving palestinians. It is a withdrawal for which they are required to make no payment. This is a withdrawal that comes free of charge. Moreover, the withdrawal puts Israel back on the 1967 border with no amendments or compromises. And no security.

The day after the deportation, the palestinians will also gain control of the border checkpoints, which means palestinian sovereignty and independence.

This is no longer autonomy, the sort they were granted in Oslo, but sovereignty, granted without them having to make any commitments. And what brought this about? The palestinians have only one explanation: terror, suicide bombings, and the mortar and Kassam rockets launched at Israeli towns caused the Israeli prime minister to consider withdrawal. They will be looking for a similar process in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Just wait and see.

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