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Al-Manar TV: Lebanese President Voices Support for Hizballah Leader

GMP20060718649001 Beirut Al-Manar Television in Arabic 0517 GMT 18 Jul 06
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Lebanese President Emile Lahhud has stressed that Lebanon cannot give up Al-Sayyid [Hasan] Nasrallah because he represents the resistance in Lebanon.

In a tour during which he inspected displaced persons in a number of Lebanese areas, east of Beirut, President Lahhud said that Lebanon is strong when it is united. He added: We have a land that is still occupied and prisoners.

[Begin Lahhud recording]

Nobody can defeat you. When we are united, we can remain steadfast and nobody will be able to defeat us.


We know that when the liberation was achieved, it was a big blow to Israel. Now, they are retaliating. But, they will not succeed, because nobody is stronger than Lebanon when it is united and steadfast. I assert to you that they will cave in to the right in the final analysis. We say that we still have a land, prisoners, and many issues that need to be resolved.

The United Nations is working, but not as required. The more time passes by, the more Israel will destroy us and our infrastructure. We can rebuild buildings. What counts is the people. You are the people and nobody is stronger than you.


The state, with all its components, and the entire cabinet are with you. We will meet all your requirements. We know that you are not worried about anything. But, it is our duty to stand beside you and help you. The Lebanese state should do all that it can.

[applause and chants of support for Lahhud]

Rest assured Lebanon will not give up Al-Sayyid Nasrallah [applause].

Al-Sayyid [Nasrallah], the resistance, and the national army achieved liberation for Lebanon. We will not forget that. This will be written in the books of history, no matter what the Israelis do.

[end recording]

[Description of Source: Beirut Al-Manar Television — Affiliated with the pro-Iranian Hizballah]

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