From ICEJ: The sufferings of our brethren in Gush Katif

received by email
The persistent and courageous stand and struggle of all those who love eretz Israel – and especially those who have settled in Gush Katif and elsewhere – has already had some amazing results.

I. The cancellation of the planned international homosexual parade in Jerusalem this summer because of the Israeli police’s inability to handle both the difficult situation in and around Gush Katif and this international march of abominations at the same time.

II. The resignation of Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the wake of this blind and wrong decision and the, consequently, strong likelihood that he will now take the leadership of the Likud from Ariel Sharon.

III. The increased sympathy with and awareness of the plight and ideology of the people of Gaza felt by multitudes of middle-of-the-road Israelis. This was vividly demonstrated in the tremendous turnout at the last public anti-disengagement events at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, where more than 200.000 Israelis came together to cry from their hearts to God, and to express their utter abhorrence of the plan to their government leaders.

IV. The uniting of the camp of the conservative, religious right in the face of undemocratic and cynical manipulation by the inner Sharon circle of the democratically-expressed wishes of Sharon’s own party, and the subsequent handing out all kinds of favors to those who could, for the sake of their own position and future, be willing to
go along with this inhumane plan.

V. And – and this might be the most serious of all these results – the complete turning over of the Gaza Strip to Mohammed Dahlan and his fellow killers and terrorists, which may well result in Gaza soon becoming a Las Vegas of all kinds of Islamic Terror – Al Qaida, Hamas, Hizballah, Islamic Jihad and Tanzim Fatah terrorism exploding on Israel’s cities, especially in the South – as soon Hizballah’s rockets will surely explode on Israel’s towns and cities in the North – proving to the general, still healthy, Israeli population the evil of all these unilateral withdrawals, and causing them during the coming elections to, in all likelihood, vote much further to the right so that a far more conservative government will replace this one.

My brothers and sisters from Gush Katif and elsewhere; you have not prayed, fasted, wept and demonstrated in vain. God has indeed heard your many cries and prayers, seen your tears and sorrows, and heard your outcry against the injustices perpetrated against you by your own leaders who told you to live where you were living, before they dragged you away.

Many Christians, and I am only one of them, have joined you in your battle, have stood with you, have prayed with you and still believe that God will at His own time answer this inhumanity caused to you.

You have been an example to us, with your willingness to stand in the cold as you did in February this year with 200.000 in Jerusalem, to suffer the heat, the lack of sleep and comfort as you stood with thousands of all ages in Kfar Maimon and Ofakim – your utter willingness to sacrifice for this one purpose: to be allowed to live on that land which your and our God promised to give you as an everlasting possession. Through your faith and perseverance you, of all people, have brought us Christians closer to you. You may well, through your sufferings and endurance, have caused a worldwide ally to arise which may, with you in the future, defeat the evil your many enemies still plan against you! You have deeply touched our hearts and you have become an example to us, as you battled heroically for your God-given land – strengthening the bounds between us Gentile believers – and you His chosen people – believing with you that indeed God, your God, will have the last and final word for your good!

May God bless you all. We from many nations are with you at this hour with love, respect and faith in your final triumph and destiny!

Yours for Zion,

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center