From the Department of Great Signs and Wonders in the Pre-Apocalyptic Era: Thousands flock to see ‘divine’ calf

Thousands of people flocked to southern Egypt [February 14, 2006] to seek blessing from a calf they believe was born as [their version of God]’s reply to the publication in Europe of cartoons depicting Muhammed, police said.

Some 20,000 thousand people had gathered in front of Mohammed Abu Dif’s house in the village of Tunis to see the holy mammal, whose skin folds when he was born reportedly formed the words “There is no God but Allah”, a police official said on condition of anonymity.

He said the villagers flocked from all over the southern governorate of Sohag to the farmer’s house and had to be dispersed by police, who feared the gathering could get out of control.

Witnesses said they believed the calf was “Allah’s response to current attacks against Islam”, the official said.

Thousands flock to see ‘divine’ calf [February 14, 2006]

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