French banks release Iran’s frozen assets

“The Zionist Regime.” Via Iran news agency:

Presidential Advisor for legal and parliamentary affairs Majid Jafarzadeh said on Tuesday that the assets of Central Bank of Iran (CBI), which were seized by French banks, have been released. Speaking to IRNA, he said that the move followed continued efforts by Presidential department for legal and parliamentary affairs on Monday. CBI assets were frozen by Bank of French Banque Populaire. “In the past, the US and the Zionist regime had enacted illegal laws which ran counter to international law to encourage their nationals to lodge unfounded and baseless financial charges against our country’s officials and had issued judgment by default to seize Iranian assets at foreign banks butdue to hard efforts of the Iranian judiciary officials, their plots failed and resulted in the issuance of a verdict on January 24, 2008 that nullified all these baseless accusations and unfounded charges.” The case is regarded as a significant achievements for Iran, Jafarzadeh said.

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