Free Choice

Free Choice
by Tzvi Freeman

Behold, I have placed before you today good and bad, life and death…choose life. (Deut. 30:15)


How is it that there is even a possibility to choose evil in G‑d’s world? Doesn’t G‑d despise evil? How does it appear in His world?

True. If G‑d would despise evil because it opposes Him, then evil could never be possible.

But evil only opposes G‑d because He chose it should.

It is not an arbitrary choice. There are no conditions to this choice. Neither is it a choice dependent on some reason that could possibly change.

It is an absolute choice, one that transcends time and all existence. An all-encompassing decision.

And it plays out in this world through the free choice of a human being, the creature within whom G‑d breathed His very essence and being.

So that when you choose good over its opposite in this world, you connect to the G‑d point inside you, that place where G‑d chooses you.

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