FOX is really starting to tick us off – Top Stories – Homicide Bomber-Mom Kills Four at Gaza Border

Oooh yeah, we’re pissed. As we reported earlier today, a Palestinian woman, Reem Al-Reyashi, murdered four other Israelis this morning on the border of Israel and – I’m sorry, did you say Gaza? Pardon us, let us clarify, a place which the media calls Gaza, as if to distinguish it from Israel. Since there is no such real place as Palestine, it behooves us why people reference a fake border between Israel and Gaza as if this border were indeed separating two nations. Isn’t Gaza in Israel? There is no such place as Palestine so why did the news report state that the murders occurred on the border of Israel and Gaza?

Perhaps Gaza is outside of Israel in the minds of the uneducated and indoctrinated. Just because the PA prints maps of Israel with the word Palestine on it, doesn’t make a truism out of their fiendish hope that Israel does not exist.

Israel exists, Palestine does not. And Baruch HaShem, let us pray it never will.

But that’s not what is angering us because we’re already used to the mendacious nature of the fake Palestinian nation and their tribesmen.

What we find profoundly disturbing is the report by Fox News that the Palestinian woman homicide murderer – was a mom.

Well, Fox News, any woman can lie on her back with her legs spread and later birth out two human babies – that doesn’t make her a mother.

And don’t EVER think that we here at Smooth Stone believe for one second that Reem Al-Reyashi was anything similar to what the normal and evolved define as a mother; Al-Reyashi WILLFULLY abandoned her offspring by committing suicide and condemning her offspring to becoming orphans. If you believe that Al-Reyashi is a mother and you’re a westerner, then you’re just another shill for the Palestinian horse and pony show.

Furthermore, that Fox News even qualifies Reem Al-Reyashi as a mother, dilutes the enormity of Fox News NEGLECTING to mention that among the thousands of dead Israelis that the unevolved Palestinians have been murdering over the past thirty five years were themselves the REAL mothers and REAL fathers and REAL grandsons and the REAL granddaughters. Did Fox News ever attribute THOSE familial properties to the dead Jews that were being reported?

I doubt it in spite of their claim of “fair and balanced” reporting and we find it absolutely disgusting that Fox News would attribute the noun “mother” to a piece of dirt like that.

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